15 Inch BedRizer Legs

15 inch BedRizers attach to any standard bed frame giving 15 inches of space from the floor to the bottom of the bed frame. Use these risers to give your bed that tall luxurious look or to add some extra storage to your bedroom. One set of BedRizers includes 6 legs (4 corner legs and 2 center support legs). Twin and Full size bed frames only require the 4 corner legs but for extra support, you can add the center legs. Queen and King size bed frames require 4 corner legs and 2 support legs to be installed for optimum strength. 

BedRizers have been put through rigorous testing and have proved to be STRONGER THAN THE EXISTING LEGS of a standard bed frame. Shipping is $15.99 per set. 

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15 Inch BedRizer Legs
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